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October 16, 2012
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James' POV

I should have known something was wrong with Seamus when I saw him one day, staring at me as if I were some sort of prize. His eyes seemed harder than usual, the cold blue, pale with a hint of orange on the outside of the iris, giving him a demonic look. And his smile, it wasn't his carefree smile, it wasn't even his sarcastic smile, it was more sinister, as if the smile itself was warning me to stay away.

But of course, I ignored it, writing it off as him just trying to freak me out because Halloween was just around the corner.

Looking back, I really should have listened to my conscience. I'm pretty sure that if I did, I wouldn't be in the situation I was right now.


When I came to, I was in the middle of a forest. I had no idea how I got there, the last I remember was going to sleep in my bed at the creature house. The only conclusion I came to was that I was dreaming. Oh, how I was wrong.

The forest itself was almost fantasy like, the trees ranged in different sizes, types and colours. The way that reds and oranges and golds mixed together was beautiful. Though in that mix, there was an occasional white leaf, standing out from the rest. This was the first sign.

I looked around for any indication to how I could get out of here. The trees seemed to go on forever, spread evenly apart. Endless. I could have walked forever and I doubt I would have gotten out. Looking round, I could feel the nervousness slowly creeping it's way up my spine. All I could do was hope I woke up soon, when I heard a voice.

"James~ Come and play with me."

It was as if the words were sung to me, flowing all around, showing no clue on which direction it came from. Though, I knew that voice. It sounded so familiar, but so different. I couldn't put my finger on who it belonged to.

"How about you show me a way to you then?" I called into the endless lining of trees. If nothing happened, I could write this off as my mind playing tricks on me. I was prepared to conclude the voice as just that after a couple of minutes in silence. Though, it was broken suddenly with a sinister giggle. Okay, so it wasn't my mind.

"Follow the path, James, I'll see you soon!" the voice replied with another giggle at the end.

As if by magic, a path of black and orange appeared under me, leading into the forest. At first, I hesitated, what if this was a trap and I was walking straight into it? Though, my heart told me to follow this path and that is what I did.

Nothing really happened when I was walking, just the same trees appearing over again, but with more white leaves. It didn't occur to me back then that the more white leaves meant more danger. I really wish I did realise it. Though, the only thing that I noticed was the increasing smell of cinnamon as I got closer to what I assumed as my destination. And that destination was an old, abandoned house.

The exterior looked ragged and unloved, as if no one had lived here for a long while. The bricks were dusty looking, some cracked and each a different colour. And the windows looked fogged over, leading into darkness.

I had a quick look around the house, making sure that there was nothing of importance before going to the big front door. It's appearance was no better than the actual house. Paint flaking away and parts of the wooden frame coming loose. It didn't take much effort for me to open the door.

I walked inside what seemed to be the hallway. Surprise took hold. The inside was nothing like the out, everything was full of colour and newness, not a cobweb, crack or speck of dust in sight. I should have been more aware of my surroundings though, I didn't even notice the door behind me shut and a figure come up behind me.

While I was still dazed, the figure brought a cloth to my nose, but by the time I tried to react, the fumes had already taken effect. My body began to shut down into a slumber. The figure caught me as my legs gave way and as he was lowering my body to the ground, through my closing eyes I saw blue with a hint of orange staring down at me. And the last thing I heard before darkness took over was:

"Sleep well my James. We shall have fun soon."


You're not meant to feel pain in a dream. That's how I realised that this was real. My head was absolutely killing me, I assumed being knocked out so suddenly caused it, but that pain made me see the truth. The feeling of nervousness began to grow once again.

Once I came out of my daze, I began to take in my surroundings, well, from what I could feel of them. There was a blindfold, preventing me from seeing, though from the feel of it and how it was showing a slight gap, I came to the conclusion that it was just a ribbon. My wrists and ankles had also been tied together, with a ribbon I assumed, based on the fact that it was the same feeling as the cover on my eyes. Under me was a bed, it was quite comfy actually, as if my captor wanted me to at least sleep somewhat well.

I slowly moved my head to the side, as quietly as possible in case someone was in the room with me. Moving caused the ribbon to slit more, enabling my vision.

The room itself was pretty simple for a bedroom, just having the necessary pieces of furniture in it. In the dimly lit light, I could see a large mirror in the far corner with a blonde man standing in front of it. He wore a black top and dark blue jeans, and the back of his shaggy blonde hair came down to his shoulders - no, it can't be... I prayed with all my heart that it wasn't who I thought it was.

"My, oh my, bad James, how dare you wake up so early" the blonde said with amusement in his voice. He turned to show a toothy smile, a corner of his mouth higher that the other and glistening blue and orange eyes that almost seemed to glow in the light.

"And look, your blindfold has fallen off, maybe I should just blind you instead." This was said much colder, smile gone, as he walked rhythmically over to where I was laying.

My blood went cold at this point. I regretted not taking the warning while back home, at the creature house. My voice wavered as I questioned "Seamus?"

"Obviously." was all he said. By this time, Seamus was already by the edge of the bed. I felt the bed lower slightly as new weight was added to it and heard him slowly crawl over to were I was. Smiling down at me, he brought one of his hands down to lay on my chest while to other went for my eyes. I flinched. What if he was serious about blinding me? I quickly closed my eyes, as if that would protect me. Though the pain never came and soon the pressure of the ribbon around my head loosened until it fell.

"Open your eyes James, I'm not going to hurt you... yet. " he said in a soothing tone, slowly running his hand down my face.

"What's going on Seamus?" I said, voice slightly cracking in places.

"We're playing a game, a very fun game." he replied, as he moved his hands to his lap.

"Okay, if you say so." I mumbled as I slowly sat up, which was harder that I thought with my head thumping and wrists bound. Now that I could fully see, I got a closer look at the bed. Surrounding me were soft dolls, having either been stabbed multiple times that the stuffing was threatening to flow out, or cut into pieces. What scared me was that they all appeared to take the form of a creature, all six of them excluding Seamus and I.

Seamus must have noticed my observation as he said "I got bored waiting for you so I played with them. They were no fun. But don't worry, you and me are safe, in fact I'm right next to you!"

True to the fact, the Seamus doll was right next to where my head would have been when I was laying down. The second sign.

"So, umm..." was my attempt to change the subject. He just laughed coldly while tilting his head slightly to the side. Orange covered half of his iris now. What was going on?

"Now, James, you have a time limit for this game. It will end when my eyes change fully to orange, then I will take what is rightfully mine, and you will let me have it, correct?"

"Umm, sure, depends on what it is..." I lied. I needed to get out of here quick.

He looked at me before moving to a position in which he was somewhat straddling my legs, moving closer to me and placing his hand on my chest again, right over my heart. Oh. I get it. Shit.

" I want it. I want it now." he began to mumble. His hand closed around my shirt, before pulling on it, like a child. He leant forward, resting his mouth on my collar bone, still mumbling the same things. 'I want it. I want it now.'

I could feel the adrenaline flowing around my body, making me shake slightly with fear. There was no way that was was Seamus, something must have happened to make him like this. But what? And what was this game he was on about? How can I wi-

Bite. Sharp pain. Rip. Clawing motion. I let out a small cry of surprise and pain. I felt Seamus make a smile against my skin before moving up a bit, towards my neck, before biting again. I looked down to see that he had ripped my shirt from all the forceful pulling and was now harshly pressing down with his nails on my chest, clawing at it like an animal.

The biting and clashing continued, becoming more painful each time. Blood was dripping down my neck and chest, staining anything it touched, and Seamus didn't seem to mind in the slightest. He just continued his game and insane mumbling. Wait. Game! This was his game.

"Seamus" I said, though it came out more like a broken whisper. He continued. I cleared my throat before trying again. "Seamus. "

He looked up, eyes staring at me with madness, with the slightest tint of blue left. His lips were bloody, lines of it running down his chin. He tilted his head to the side slightly, waiting for me to speak. Now or never.

"This is your game, isn't it?" I asked, trying to keep my voice strong. He smiled, revealing even more blood.

"Can I have it, please?" he asked again. I laughed nervously. I hope this works.

"Seamus, you already have it." And with that, I raised my tied hand up and around his neck before pulling him into a kiss. The kiss itself was horrible, the taste of copper filled my mouth, it was even worse knowing that this was from me, I found it hard keeping the contents of my stomach down. Though what amazed me was his reaction. I could clearly tell he was not expecting the kiss, lips completely frozen at first then a small amount of pressure. It lasted a few more seconds before we pulled away.

When I opened my eyes, his were closed, expression emotionless. It looked as if he was trying to decide something. I hoped for the best. But no, his mouth twisted up into a demonic smile and eyes opened to revel pure orange. Sign three. I'm out.

"Correct answer James, I win. " was all he said before pain struck my entire body. Pain. In the centre of my body. Pain. Pressure all around. Pain. Red staining everything. Pain. Losing consciousness. Pain. Losing everything...

Third Person POV

"A young man, now identified as James Wilson, was found yesterday evening in the woods after been reported missing by his friends. He was found dead at the site, vital organs appearing to have been ripped out, suggesting a murder. Surrounding him was what appeared to be white leaves and a soft doll, resembling a blonde man with orange eyes. If you know anything about this-"

The television was turned off by the blonde man. He got up from his chair and walked over to a locked box, next to it a soft doll with black hair. He smiled.

"I'll keep your heart forever, James. Forever and ever. "

A single tear rolled down the doll's cheek.
I will never write this kind of stuff again. Ever.

Took some time to do because I'm lazy, so thanks to the lovely child of mine for texting me every evening to get this done.

Somewhat based around the song 'Trick and Treat' by Rin and Len Kagamine.

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smallshipper Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

that was awesome! I love the ending, great job!

Goldenflight Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist


i LoVe THiS So MuCH

So it was good, I liked the story well enough. But the entire time I read it I was just "Wtf?"
That was just beautifulll~~<33 I love the story!
MapleGaming2013 Jun 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Awsome, creepy as hell, but awsome.
ZoZo1785 May 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is amazing.
You put great detail into your writing, it had me confused the whole time but amazed. And i liked how this one was'nt lovey dovey. I give this a 5 out of a possible 5.
You put great detail into your writing, it had me confused the whole time but amazed. And i liked how this one was'nt lovey dovey. I give this a 5 out of a possible 5.
nalathehunter Apr 2, 2013  Student General Artist
:D I love the song Trick and Treat, I love how you managed to sort of base something like this around a song ^^
SlyfoxXimmortal Mar 10, 2013  Student Writer
oh my f***ing god!! I was chewing on my finger the whole time I read this! It kinda scared my a little
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